1. You're really beautiful and don't be sad because you deserve better.

    You’re too kind :) thanks

  2. I really want to die tonight. honestly the only thing holding me back is knowing how beautiful this planet is. if I die tonight I won't be able to see anything this world has to offer me. It's very hard though. And plus my parents are watching me.

    I know it’s hard but it sounds like you’d like to travel so if you don’t die tonight then imagine all the places you could go and then after maybe think about it again so then at least you’ll have seen the world and it might change your mind and if you wanted you could come off anon and I could privately answer so we could talk more but either way it doesn’t matter to me

  3. You're me. I hate my body, I hate my smile, I hate everything about me. I want to be skinny, I am not beautiful, I am not pretty. I am nothing in this world, nothing. I want to die. I want to die tonight..

    I always feel like such a hypocrite answering these bc I know that telling you to hold on won’t work so I’m not going to tell you what to do but if you died tonight then I’d just be really sad because we share a lot of the same problems and I get attached too easily so if you need one you already have a friend right here so yeah :) sorry I’m not much of a help

  4. Is your icon picture you? You're really pretty :) <3

    Oh thank you!

  5. Can you please give me a shoutout ?😒 I would really like that it would really make me feel better😞

    Make her feel better :)

  6. Everything on here is so beautiful, I may not know you but you don't deserve to feel this way. I love you and your blog ❤️

    Thank you :))))) you’re the bomb

  7. You are beautiful and amazing and perfect. Please stay strong. You are loved and things get better. I promise. ❤️❤️

    Thank you :) you’re so thoughtful

  8. "Fall in love with yourself, cause one day you're gonna be the only one that you've got"


  9. I'm so sorry that you feel this sadness. You're truly beautiful and it's heartbreaking to look at you and you do the same but whilst I see beauty you see ugly. You don't deserve this sadness and I'm so so so sorry you have to feel it.

    Thank you :) you’re so nice

  10. You're sooo beautiful

    You’re soooo kind